Activist Nazlie Bala participates in KWN’s protest demanding health insurance and better healthcare on 8 Mar. 2011.

KWN Condemns Attack on Activist Nazlie Bala

On 27 Mar. 2013 at approximately 20:35, Human Rights Activist Nazlie Bala was physically attacked at the entrance to her apartment. She was then threatened: “Be aware that we will kill you.” This attack came after Bala received an anonymous letter threatening her life on Mar. 20. The letter, slipped under the door of her apartment, read: “Please do not protect the shame. Otherwise, we’ll kill you.”

The attack and threats referred to her appearance on the Radio Television Kosova (RTK) show “Në kërkim” (“In Search”) a few days prior, where she had advocated for including persons who suffered sexual violence during the war in the existing law for all categories of victims of war. 
Through letters and press releases, KWN has expressed its concern regarding the attack and threats made against Bala. KWN demanded an investigation by the Kosovo Police, as well as immediate protection for Bala. KWN informed the public that Bala has been a prominent human rights activist since the 1990s. She began her voluntary commitment to human rights, working with the Council for Defense of Human Rights and Freedoms (CDHRF). For 23 years since then, she has continually supported and empowered women.
KWN considers the attack against Bala, a renowned women’s rights activist, not only an attack against her, but against all women and men seeking to protect the dignity of women survivors of sexual violence. Such threats and violence will never deter our efforts to further justice in Kosova and to ensure dignity for women survivors of violence.