KWN Contributes with Recommendations to Amend the Civil Code

Pristina – Executive Director of Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), Igballe Rogova has participated in a panel discussion “Marriage, spouses and civil union in the Civil Modern Code of the Republic of Kosovo”, hosted on April 4 from the European Information and Cultural Centre (EUICC).  

Rogova highlighted the most important issues, such as early marriages, marriage, engagement and cohabitation.  

The reformulation of article 16 regarding the early marriages; the reformulation of articles, which define engagement; the marriage and cohabitation; eliminating such definitions with genderbased discrimination, were among the KWN’s recommendations.  

According to the KWN’s analysis, the compilation of the above articles directly conflicts the constitutional principles and legal acts that regulate gender equality and non-discrimination. 

Representatives of the Ministry of Justice have recognized the work done by KWN with these recommendations also 

Ardian Mehmeti, representative of this Ministry acknowledged the contribution of the KWN’s recommendations, that he considered them constructive. 

“We have received the recommendations of the Kosovo Women’s Network, the CEL organization and the other partners, we are reviewing the draft laws based on the status,” Mehmeti said. 

Blert Morina, Executive Director of Centre for Equality and Liberty (CEL), has stated that the Civil Code is contrary to the Constitution.  

Morina called that the article for marriage of the Civil Code to be in accordance with the definition of the constitution in regard to the right of family creation which is equally guaranteed to all.  

Whereas, Alfons Benjamin Lentze, Head of the EU Civil Code Project, said that if Kosovo wants to move forward, then it should work towards developing equal rights for all.