KWN Held Final Membership Meeting for 2023

On November 6, the regular meeting of the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) was held, marking the last gathering for this year. During the meeting, members, along with the KWN staff, collectively reflected on the shared successes throughout the year.

Due to updates in the Statute of the KWN, in accordance with the revised Law on Freedom of Association in Non-Governmental Organizations, the Annual Assembly of members, typically scheduled for December, will be postponed to the first months of the next year. This adjustment is made for practical reasons, ensuring that the reporting set, encompassing financial and audit reports for the entire year, including December, is prepared and ready for approval by the members of the Assembly. This responsibility is crucial to the highest governing body overseeing and evaluating the work of KWN.

“This marks our final physical meeting for this year. Due to the recent update in the law, we are now required to incorporate December and the audit report into the reporting for the Annual Assembly. As a result, we need to present our reports at the beginning of the next year when the auditing report is finalized. Consequently, the Annual Assembly is scheduled to be organized next year,” said KWN’s Executive Director Igballe Rogova.

Furthermore, she expressed that it is encouraging news that the Kosovo Women’s Fund continues to allocate grants, thanks to the donors who facilitate this program.

This is particularly noteworthy considering that while the Fund initially started with the distribution of 500-euro grants, today it has successfully disbursed grants amounting to 10,000 euros for an organization.

In this context, she highlighted that the professionalism of member organizations in implementing larger grants is on the rise every day.

She encouraged organizations that are not selected in a round to continue and reapply, viewing this as a valuable opportunity to enhance overall capacities—an effort that the KWN staff consistently supports.

Rogova also told members that, on November 21, at 20:00, KWN, in collaboration with Artpolis, will host an artistic evening at the National Library to honor Eve Ensler, now known as V. Ensler is the founder of “One Billion Rising” and the author of “The Vagina Monologues.” This marks the second occasion that V visits Kosovo.

During the meeting, the KWN staff reported on the achievements in implementing the KWN Strategy for the years 2023-2026, each within their respective programs. Additionally, Premtime Preniqi, the official for Gender Equality in the Municipality of Pristina, presented two paintings created by students from the capital’s schools. These artworks were produced as part of the municipality’s one-month campaign against human trafficking, serving as a gesture of gratitude from the Office to KWN for their assistance in cases of gender-based violence.

“[KWN] is a network of many organizations, so I wanted to bring one of those children’s paintings here to raise awareness because the work in the network and your efforts have shown positive results,” said Premtime Preniqi.

Also, the members of the KWN, expressing gratitude for the KWN that continuously supports its members, discussed various topics. The primary focus this time was on the inheritance of property for girls and women, as well as the right to the legalization of property by women.

Correctional Service Officer Rrezarta Gashi Berisha has invited organizations to make any contributions to the organization of activities for imprisoned women.

This meeting was supported by the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation.