KWN Held its Second Membership Meeting for 2019

Pristina– Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) on 10 June held its second membership meeting for 2019, attended by approximately 60 representatives of KWN’s member organizations, the Kosovo Lobby for Gender Equality (Lobby), Kosovo institutions and other supporters of KWN’s work and cause.

Igballe Rogova, KWN’s Executive Director opened the session by recalling the recent launching of the activist Sevdije Ahmeti’s book, while she added that the monetary amount collected from the sales will be donated for Kosovar girls’ education.

Additionally Rogova talked about the 13th round of Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF) of Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), which is expected to open within a few weeks.

“Providing grants is not the sole purpose, but it is also to empower our member organizations and enhancing their capacities. It is fortunate that we started this process with Kvinna till Kvinna, and now the chance to have more grants to support our members is increased”, she said.

An important part of this meeting was also the discussion about the exhibition against domestic violence, organized by KWN on 14,15 and 16 June at the “Skendërbeu” square in the capital city.

Advocacy and Research Coordinator on Gender Based Violence at KWN, Adelina Berisha shared with the participants the aim of this exhibition.

“This exhibition comes as continuity of the activities and the fight against domestic violence that women face. The exhibition is in all municipalities of Kosovo, and you are invited to support the opening of the exhibition in Prishtina to show solidarity among women”, stated Berisha.


More about this exhibition read HERE.

Nicole Farnsworth, KWN’s Program Director and Lead Researcher spoke about the advocacy that KWN is doing in the amending process of the Labour Law, specifically the part which stipulated maternity leave.

“We are advocating against the new Labour Law, because it encourages women to stay at home and not to work. We must oppose this law, we are advocating for gender equality”, Farnsworth said.

Feride Rushiti, Executive Director of The Kosova Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims (KRCT), spoke about the International Festival of Female Artists and Activists- FemArt, held from 10 to 16 June in Prishtina.

“As part of FemArt we also have a conference. It is very important to continue with the spirit of solidarity, we have named this conference “Unbreakable”, where there will be three panels to discuss about the silence surrounding this crime [sexual violence] during these years”, she said.

Shpresa Agushi from the Network of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian Women’s Organizations (NRAEWOK) has called for everyone’s support, recalling the attack on Roma woman which took place a few days ago.

Biljana Nastovska, Gender Advisor, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe- OSCE, stated that women’s movements are crucial in each state.

“Your work [Kosovo Women’s Network work] will give us “weapons” within our workplace, because no one wants to go against such a strong Network”, she said.

Members of KWN’s Assembly during this two-hour meeting shared information about the activities taking place in their municipalities/organizations. Also members were briefed with the activities by which FemArt Festival will be marked this year, as well as with the international conference “Women Deliver”, part of which is wartime sexual violence survivor Vasfije Krasniqi-Goodman.

This meeting was supported by the European Union (EU) Office in Kosovo and Austrian Development Agency (ADA).

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