KWN Meets with Haxhiu, Women’s Organization Contribution is Appreciated  

On February 10, representatives of the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), Igballe Rogova, Executive Director of KWN and Adelina Berisha, Program Manager on Gender Based Violence met with the Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu.   

During this meeting, KWN work and long-standing activities to combat gender-based violence, the new National Strategy of the Republic of Kosovo for Protection against Domestic Violence, as well as the new Law Against Domestic Violence that shall be in accordance with the Istanbul Convention were discussed.  

The KWN informed Haxhiu on ongoing activities that are being carried out to raise public awareness and sensibilisation regarding women’s rights and the importance of women’s equal participation in society.  

The role of the National Coordinator against Domestic Violence and the importance of this mechanism in combating this kind of violence were also discussed during this meeting. 

Furthermore, Minister Haxhiu pledged for cooperation on the new draft law on protection against domestic violence, which aims to increase the protection mechanisms against domestic violence. For this matter, Minister Haxhiu added that the inclusion of the Kosovo Women’s Network and other organizations remains tremendously important.