Participants collaborate, drafting a press release during the KWN PR workshop.

KWN Members Develop Public Relations Skills

On Apr. 19, KWN held a one-day workshop on public relations in Prishtina, following members’ requests. Members discussed the challenges they face in Public Relations, their needs and possible strategies for promoting their work. Then they learned techniques for writing effective press releases.

“All members should attend this kind of workshop, even those who have a lot of experience,” said a workshop participant. “There is always something new to learn.”

KWN members put their new knowledge to practice, writing press releases that later received constructive criticism from other workshop participants.

“I liked this workshop a lot,” another participant said. “It is very necessary to learn about public relations.”
Later in 2013 KWN will hold a more advanced workshop in public relations, based on members’ requests. Members will have the opportunity to learn techniques for promoting their work at little to no cost.