KWN Protests in Solidarity with the Kurds 

A significant number of citizens and activists joined the #RiseUp4Rojava protest on Saturday, October 19 to defend the Rojava. The event which was held in front on the National Theatre of Kosovo was organized by the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN). 

 Marches and protests were held around the world on October 19 to show support for, and solidarity with, the Kurdish people in Rojava. 

“Today, many protests are happening all over the world in solidarity with the Kurdish people. Let’s not forget that Kosovo also went through similar period under Milosevic. During that time Milosevic killed us, raped us, got us out of our homes, and sent us abroad. We are joining this worldwide protest only to show solidarity with the Kurdish people, with all those Kurdish civilians dying every day, being violated by the Erdogan regime every day, said Igballe Rogova, Executive Director of KWN. 


She continued by stating that it is time for our country to stand in solidarity for those whose basic human rights are being violated. 

 “When we were subjected to torture, murder, and rape in the Milosevic era, the whole world gathered to protest for us. Therefore, it is time for us to show solidarity to others now,” added Rogova. 

Rojava’s feminist movement is regarded as one of the largest feminist initiatives that the world has witnessed in recent years. 

Unfortunately, the brutal assassination of Kurdish politician Hevrin Khalaf in northern Syria on October 12 by pro-Turkish forces sparked worldwide protests and turned Rojava into a symbol of protest. 

More information about the worldwide RiseUp4Rojava initiative can be found at the link HERE. 


# RiseUp4Rojava 

# NgrituPërRojavan