KWN Together With Members From Gjilan Continues To Work Towards Strengthening The Feminist Movement in Kosovo

On July 26, Executive Director of Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), Igballe Rogova, met with KWN members from the Municipality of Gjilan.

In this meeting were discussed the demands and challenges of women in this municipality, as well as the establishment and maintenance of relations between women’s rights organizations.

KWN appreciated the support provided by the Municipality of Gjilan to women’s organizations in their needs for operational expenditures and hopes to increase institutional support from local government in other municipalities as well.

Among other things, during the meeting was discussed the importance of voting for more women in the upcoming local elections scheduled on October 17 of this year. Supporting women’s participation in politics and decision-making is part of KWN’s 2019-2022 Strategy.

KWN will continue these meetings with its member organizations in different Municipalities with an objective to empower the feminist movement in Kosovo. These meetings help the effectiveness of future cooperation as well as the close recognition of the needs of women and girls throughout Kosovo.

This meeting was supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and the Swedish International Cooperation and Development Agency (Sida), as part of the initiative “Further Advancement of Women’s Rights in Kosovo II”.

This collaboration will contribute to the implementation of the KWN Strategy 2019-2022 and thus to progress towards fulfilling KWN’s vision for a Kosovo where women and men are equal and have equal opportunities in education, employment, and political participation, health care and a life without violence. You can read more about this initiative HERE.