KWN trains EUO EUSR staff on Gender

A first group of 18 EUO/EUSR staff members has received training in gender this week. Gender is one of the core values of the EU and the EU in Kosovo places significant importance to gender equality, the advancement of women rights as well as furthering the representation of women in decision-making in Kosovo.
Following guidelines from the EU Gender Action Plan II, Ambassador Apostolova encouraged and approved the organization of gender equality training for all EU staff members.
In the context of the collaboration with the Kosovo Women Network, the trainers instructed the participants on basic gender equality concepts, international and EU standards, along with laws and strategies in Kosovo.
With a mostly interactive approach, the EU staff members improved their abilities to analyze and integrate gender perspective in their work.
Attention to gender equality will enhance outcomes and bolter the overall achievement of EU programming and EU political dialogue in Kosovo, ensuring that EU delivers in addressing the potentially unique needs of women, men, girls and boys.
By 15 September 2018, all staff members of the EUO/EUSR in Kosovo, including senior management, will have undertaken gender training.

Story and photos: © EUO/EUSR