Women in Skenderaj Municipality attend lectures organized by NGO Prehja regarding breast cancer.

“Prehja” Encourages Check-ups to Prevent Breast Cancer

Regular medical check-ups are crucial for identifying signs of cancer early on so that it can be treated in time. This was among the points emphasized by Dr. Mejreme Maloku-Krasniqi, an oncologist at the Public Health Centre of Kosova (PHCK) during lectures that she delivered in four villages of Skenderaj.

Women’s Centre “Prehja” organized lectures to raise awareness about breast cancer in four Skenderaj villages, where around 200 women participated.
“It’s of vital importance that you have regular medical check-ups,” Dr. Maloku-Krasniqi said. “Only in this way can we take preventive steps and fight breast cancer.”
Dr. Maloku-Krasniqi inspired 30 women of Skenderaj Municipality to receive check-ups at PHCK’s Oncological Institute. Women who have participated in lectures can receive check-ups from Dr. Maloku-Krasniqi the very same day, and NGO “Mundesia” from Mitrovica is providing transportation for women from their villages to Prishtina.
“Just last year we lost six women in our municipality to breast cancer,” said Jeton Rushit, Project Coordinator at NGO Prehja. “They didn’t have good economic conditions to carry out regular medical examinations. Our project aims to raise awareness among women to prevent breast cancer. We think that such initiatives have a vital role in making women aware of breast cancer, as well as enabling them to receive medical examinations free of charge.”
This initiative has received support from the KWN Kosovo Women’s Fund since April 2013.
In the past, Women’s Centre “Prehja” has assisted women suffering from breast cancer by organizing self-support discussions, where women could speak with psychologists and receive advice on how to cope with cancer emotionally.