Lobby for Gender Equality Disappointed with Low Number of Women in New Government

 The Lobby for Gender Equality in Kosovo expressed disappointment over the low number of women appointed to decision-making positions within the new government. The composition of the new government, with only two women ministers out of 21 ministers, is very unequal. The government cannot be considered representative of Kosovo citizens, as the population of Kosovo has an almost equal number of men and women. 

   The Law for Gender Equality guarantees the participation of women and men in decision-making positions with a quota of 40%. The new Government must implement this legal obligation.
   The composition of the new Government counters current political leaders’ electoral promises that more women would be appointed to decision-making positions. Moreover, the composition of the government with women holding only two of 21 ministerial positions, undermines efforts and investments by civil society and international organizations to achieve gender equality in all areas of life, particularly politics. 



 The Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) mission is to support, protect and promote the rights and the interests of women and girls throughout Kosovo, regardless of their political beliefs, religion, age, level of education, sexual orientation and ability. KWN fulfills its mission through the exchange of experience and information, partnership and networking, research, advocacy, and service. As a Network of 89 women’s organization from all ethnic groups in Kosovo, KWN advocates in their name on local, regional and international levels.