Medica Kosova continues being committed to survivors of sexual violence

 On 22 December 2017, in Gjakova, the Medica Kosova through a round table on “Supporting the survivors to facilitate the process of recognition of their status – IF NOT US, WHO ELSE?" successfully concluded another project as support to a better life for survivors of sexual violence during the war in Kosovo.

Thanks to the multi-year partnership with the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, in order to guarantee a sustainable path to support the survivors, the Medica Kosova implemented the project "Implementing an Integration Approach to Legislation for Surviving Sexual Violence during the War". Veprore Shehu, Executive Director of Medica Kosova and Yllka Soba, Kosovo Program Officer for the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation spoke about the project. The roundtable was also hailed by Ardian Gjini-new Mayor of the Municipality of Gjakova.
Furthermore, Igballe Rogova, Executive Director of Kosovo Women’s Network, among others mentioned the common advocacy as a powerful tool to push the process of recognition forward. Meanwhile, for the media campaign "Nje fije drite” for raising the society’s awareness of the support to survivors of sexual violence, spoke Elvana Shala, Ambassador of Goodwill at the International Human Rights Committee and also author of the campaign.