MEHP calls for Legalization of Illegal constructions

 On 12 Jan. different activities were organized to inform citizens about property legalization. These activities aimed to raise awareness about the process of registering illegal constructions among citizens, institutions and organizations.
The intention of this initiative is to encourage all citizens to register their illegal constructions before 5 Feb. 2015.
     “Two dates that all citizens should remember are 5 Feb. 2015, when the property registration ends, and 11 Mar. 2015, when the lists of all the illegal constructions will be published,” said Shpend Ahmeti, Mayor of Prishtina. “All citizens that don’t find their names on the list will also have the opportunity to fill a complain form. The period of application for legalization starts in Sep 2015, and ends in Mar. 2016.

     In 2017 the law will be repealed, therefore this provides a very good opportunity for all the citizens that have constructed properties  the past 14 years or earlier to ensure that their construction is  according to regulatory plans.
     Properties are divided into three categories that will be legalized after the registration procedure. This first phase is free of charge, while the applicants that have all the documents required by section 10 of the Law on Treatment of constructions without permit (2013/04-L-188)have to pay an administrative tax, which the municipality collects for the reregistration of the construction permits. Applicants must also pay the prepaid property tax before they obtain the legalization permit. For more information please visit the web page of the Ministry of Environmental and Hospital Planning.