Shoqata e Grave “Medica Gjakova”



Area of Expertise:

Economic Empowerment,Education,Health,Legal Aid


Mission of Shoqata e Grave “Medica Gjakova” (Women’s Association) is to improve the mental and physical condition of women survivors of violence and the impact on social policies in supporting the well-being of women and their integration in all areas of life. To this end, a dual strategy has been developed, including basic level activities providing psychosocial and gynecological counseling, as well as activities developed at the social and political level. Social and political strategies include activities aimed at raising public and government awareness of the plight of women affected by the war and the need to shape policies in the interests of women's well-being and integration into society. Using this special approach, Medica Gjakova helps women to overcome stigma and break this taboo topic that is very present and directly affects the violation of human rights in general, and women's rights in particular

Year Established:


Target Group:

Women traumatized by sexual and gender-based violence, women heads of households, youth.


- Individual and group psychosocial counseling in the center and in the field; - Providing general health advice in the villages of the regions where the Association operates; - Primary gynecological consultations / visits in the center and field; - Legal advice and assistance in the center and in the villages; - Compilation of submissions and representation of beneficiaries before judicial bodies and other public authorities; - Economic empowerment of women. - Organizing educational and professional courses in villages and neighborhoods inhabited by groups of minority women; - Public work and lobbying for women's issues. - Organization of workshops, seminars and conferences on issues of women's rights and gender equality


+383 (0) 390 326 812; +383 (0) 44 996 655


St. Fadil Nimani, No. 34, Gjakova



Mirlinda Sada