MOU Signed for Employment of Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence During the War

 Photo Credits: Ministry of Justice, Facebook

Victims of domestic violence as well as survivors of sexual violence during the war will now find it easier to find employment.

This was made possible thanks to a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), an initiative of UN Women, signed on 8 July, between the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), the Retail Network and the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN).

The Minister of Justice, Selim Selimi, pledged to support these categories.

“In rare cases, institutions, government, civil society and the private sector come together to sign a good will, through which we express our readiness to be close to women who are victims of violence,” he said.

KWN Executive Director Igballe Rogova said that the economic independence of this category is key to their safety and well-being.

“I am extremely excited because it is finally being understood that the triangle must work in order to help the citizens of Kosovo. This triangle is the Government, Civil Society and the internationals,” she said.

Also, Yllka Metaj, from the Retail Network, has considered this initiative as very fruitful for the future.