Letter for public consultations on Medium-term Budget Framework and the Annual Budget

Honourable Mayors, 


Honourable Directors of the Budget and Finance Department, 


The Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) requests that all municipalities comply with the legal obligations mandated by Regulation (GRK) No. 05/2016 on Minimum Standards for Public Consultation Process, which requires holding public consultations on the Medium-Term Budget Framework (MTBF) and the annual budget. Public consultations are essential for transparency, ensuring that the MTBF and annual budget address the needs of all citizens, including women, men, girls, and boys. Lack of transparency can hinder the ability of citizens and experts to analyse the budget’s intended impacts, particularly on gender equality. 


To meet these legal obligations and enhance transparency in the budgetary process, KWN calls upon municipalities to:  


  • Organise and advertise broadly inclusive public hearings, scheduling them at various times and in locations where diverse women and men can participate.  
  • Provide clear, accessible budget information by publishing online a Gender Budget Statement, in line with Sustainable Development Goal indicator 5.c.1, which should explain how the budget will contribute to gender equality. This should be based on gender analysis and include clear objectives towards furthering gender equality in each sector, as outlined in the handbook adopted by the Kosovo Institute for Public Administration. 
  • Transparently publish online the gender budget annex required by budget circulars, providing citizens with comprehensive information on how the budget is intended to contribute to furthering gender equality in the municipality in each sector, including clear objectives, indicators, and targets towards gender equality.  


By implementing these legal requirements and commitments, municipalities can contribute to a more inclusive budgetary process that better reflects the needs and priorities of diverse women, men, girls, and boys. This approach will enhance transparency, accountability, and promote a more equitable distribution of public resources. 




Igballe Rogova 

Executive Director 

Kosovo Women’s Network