Regular Check-ups Save Lives

On  September 10 Serbian women from Priluzhe village, municipailty of Vushtrria held a meeting at the officeses of NGO Luna.
       Marina Miloshevic opened the meeting by talking more about its purpose, and distributing questionnaires on breast and cervical cancer, in order to see how informed the participants are about these diseases.
       “We have offered free medical check-ups for breast cancer at our organization before,” said Stanica Kovacevic, Executive Director of NGO Luna. “We had one member that had a check-up from the doctor that will be present today. Back then, the doctor recommended she have an operation; at first our member was very confused because of the lack of symptoms, but after further check-ups that concluded that she should get the operation, and is now safe.”
      Ms Nafije Latifi and Minire Zuna gynecologist shared information on breast and cervical cancer and after the meeting they offered free check-ups for all the participants at NGO Luna’s office. These checkup were part of the project “Çelësi i shëndetit është tek parandalimi: Kontrollet e rregullta sistematike shpëtojnë jetë” (Key of health is preventing: Regular check-ups save lifes.) funded by KWN’s Kosova Women’s Fund (KWF) sixth round of grands, financed by Austrian Development Agency (ADA).