“Ruka Ruci” Hosts a Discussion on the Possibilities of Advancing Gender Equality

The member organization of the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), “Ruka Ruci” in the course of the activities undertaken as part of the initiative “Strengthening Women’s Participation in Politics”, on 23 December held a discussion on Advancing Gender Equality.

Women’s rights activists and representatives of institutions discussed about the work done up to the present on advancing women’s position in the society, with particular emphasis on women’s participation in politics.

Nevenka Rikalo, the Project Coordinator, initially presented this four-year initiative supported by the European Union (EU) Office in Kosovo.

“I am glad that today we have present participants from the central level as well as from the KWN. They are the help to strengthen the participation of women and girls in politics. Also, KWN supports its members through the Lobby for Gender Equality (The Lobby), with the members of which we are are having increased cooperation during this joint initiative”, stated Rikalo.

Further, Edi Gusia, Chief Executive Officer of the Agency for Gender Equality, stressed the need for implementation of the Law on Gender Equality (LGE), which determines equal participation of women and men in politics at the local as well as national level.

“Numerous researches show that governing without the participation of women and girls, in  positions where decisions are made and financial resources are distributed is an unbalanced, unjust governance and does not contribute to achieving social peace”,  she said.

Whereas, the Executive Director of KWN, Igballe Rogova, recalled the beginnings of activism and cooperation with “Ruka Ruci”, by putting into discussion the importance of having the men involved in the gender equality activism.

“It is important that men get involved in our fight for gender equality. Also, we must show solidarity with each other, so that this solidarity can thereupon be reflected even in cases when women reach high leadership positions in politics and take part in decision-making processes”, she said.

Among other things, Rogova mentioned KWN’s contribution in the “Vote for More Women in Parliament” campaign, which KWN undertook during September 2019, on the eve of the parliamentary elections.

Part of this discussion were also Premtime Preniqi, Gender Equality Officer in the Municipality of Prishtina, Radmila Kapetanović, activist and member of the Mechanism for Gender Equality against Domestic Violence, Municipality of Zubin Potok, and Zorica Timotijević, Gender Equality Activist and Coordinator against Domestic Violence, Municipality of Leposaviq.