Women in Gjakova learn about their reproductive rights.

Shoqata për Edukim dhe Përkujdesje të Familjes (The Association for the Education and Care of the Family)

Women in Kosovo have insufficient information about reproductive health.Further, few women from rural areas visit the doctor unless they are sick. The Association for Education and Care of the Family in Gjakova began their initiative to address these two issues.The organization decided to increase awareness about healthcare, particularly preventative care, in three villages of Gjakova Municipality.

“I was in menopause, but I didn’t realize that I was five months pregnant,” a woman said. “I learned this only after the informative sessions that the project offered.”

In total, 91 girls and women of different ethnicities participated.

“Now they are aware of the importance of reproductive health, the process of planning a family and the importance of visiting the gynecologist regularly,” said Bahrije Deva, the organization’s director.

The initiative also installed a sense of voluntarism in the community.

“Even though the project ended, we have girls volunteering. They keep in touch with us and inform us about the needs of women in their communities. They also ask for help from us, as needed,” said Bahrije Deva.