Students from University of York Learn about KWN

 Over 20 students from University of York in England visited KWN on 26 Nov. They met Igballe Rogova, KWN Executive Director. 
     Rogova initiated her lecture by informing the students on women’s activism in the 90s, about the association “Motrat Qiriazi”, as well as for the war period in Kosovo, when this association never ceased its work, helping in this way Kosovars who lived in refugee camps. 
    The students that were present had the opportunity to get informed on how the first women’s rights organizations in Kosovo were formed after the war, as well as on the history and work of KWN from its beginnings in 2000 as an informal network. 
     “This is one of the best visits and most informative we had during our stay here in Kosovo”, said one of the students.