Teenagers Promote Gender Equality through Graffiti

The campaign “Bonu cool, mos bjer shpulle” organized two more events in Sep. 2013. One of the events was a graffiti competition organized for teenagers ages 13-19.

The topic of the competition was “Gender Equality/Prevalence of violence in adolescents’ relationships”.
­­­ Teenage graffiti artists from Pristina, Pejë and Gjilan painted graffiti on one Prishtina street.
The painting of murals/graffiti is part of a public awareness campaign implemented by the Kosovo Gender Studies Centre (KGSC) through the project “Making Gender Awareness Part of Popular Culture,” supported by the EU Office in Kosovo.
The other event was the public promotion of “Heart Speaks Right,” a music video. The video also raises gender awareness by speaking against adolescent gender violence. The song was produced and sung by well-known Kosovar singer, Rona Nishliu.
The campaign “Bonu cool, mos bjer shpulle” aims to raise awareness through instilling gender sensitivity in urban culture.

For more information, visit the KGSC website:
This article draws from information provided to KWN by KGSC.