The Importance of Mental Health: KWN Offers Psychotherapy Sessions for its Staff

The current COVID-19 pandemic, has attracted attention to the importance of mental health care worldwide. 

Numerous studies have investigated the psychological consequences of self-isolation. Quarantined individuals have shown a marketed increase in stress, depression and anxiety, which can have long-term implications. 

Findings from a study show that 31% of quarantine sufferers showed signs of depression, while 29% of them had symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. 

However, people are still reluctant to seek help when it comes to dealing with mental health issues. 

Therefore, the discussion of mental health care needs our attention. 

Knowing the role that this plays in overall well-being and productivity, the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) has provided a number of free therapy sessions for its staff amidst self-isolation. 

Mimoza Gashi, a psychologist, talks about the importance of mental health during this time and the benefits of therapy sessions. 

“Everyone has their own way of facing and adapting to a new situation. However, insecurities, violations of freedom, isolation and loneliness are never good companions to the psycho-emotional well-being of an individual. Therefore, in addition to efforts to reestablish a normal routine, we must take into account the support and social understanding of people negatively affected by self-isolation and their mental health care,” said Gashi. 

KWN has always paid great attention to mental health of its staff, by providing group therapy sessions as well as private sessions for anyone who expressed interest, this in order to prevent work burnout.  

These therapy sessions were made possible thanks to the support gained by Austrian Development Agency (ADA) and UN Women.