The Ombudsperson and NGOs marched again for human rights

The Ombudsperson together with several non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including the Kosovo Women’s Network, have undertaken a joint initiative to mark the International Day of Human Rights. Thus, on 10 December, the Ombudsperson, representatives of non-governmental organizations, activists and other representatives gathered at the National Theatre to continue with the already traditional march at the Prishtina Square with the motto “Stand up for Human Rights”.

The initiative aims to strongly convey the demand for increased comprehensive and inter-institutional engagement for promotion and education on human rights and fundamental freedoms and for undertaking joint actions in order to develop an effective cooperation for respecting fundamental human rights and freedoms in Kosovo.

Despite the very good laws on paper, attendees expressed dissatisfaction with the violations that are committed on a daily basis with regard to children’s rights, youth rights, women’s rights, the rights of the elderly, the rights of Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities, LGBTI community rights and the rights of persons with disabilities.

In addition, Hilmi Jashari, Ombudsman emphasized that although the constitution of Kosovo guarantees many rights, much more needs to be done to enforce these rights in Kosovo.

We recall that in 2017, the Ombudsperson together with NGO representatives have signed a Joint Declaration, pledging to be at the service of the human rights defence at all times.