Violence against women is not a family matter

 As part of the initiative “Violence against women is not a family matter” NGO Venera organized a round tableon 1 October. The roundtable gathered 10 beneficiaries of the project, who were assisted by NGO Venera’s staff to write the required documents depending on the case they raised.
     Flora Memia, representative of Shelter “Operacioni Mekemebja” in Peja, was also present at the meeting, and she informed participants on the conditions of the Shelter. 
     Afterwards, women shared their personal stories with each other; their cases varied greatly and included stories related to issues of property and Legal disputes, denial of paternity and domestic violence cases.
     “All women were victims of physical and mental violence and also victims of institutionalprocedures. Some of these women were mistreated by the institutions that are in charge to guarantee their protection. This is why we are trying to help them,” said Miradije Gashi, Executive Director of NGO Venera.
      Besides sharing their stories, women also had the opportunity to obtain information  about each-others problems and to express solidarity.
     Participants also received leaflets with informative content about domestic violence, created by NGO Venera as part of the project "Violence against women is not a family matter".
     This initiative is supported by the fifth round of KWN’s Kosova Women’s Fund (KWF), funded by Austrian Development Agency (ADA)  and  Kvinna till Kvinna (KtK).