Women of Drenas Aware of Breast Cancer

     On 22 February, NGO Bliri, a member of the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN), held a concluding meeting of the Become a part and help in prevention of diseases project. This meeting was attended by project beneficiary women, trainers and KWN staff.
     Following a round table, held a few days ago, NGO Bliri concluded the project with this informative meeting in order to make a project progress assessment, where women beneficiaries had the opportunity to give suggestions or advice for the future. The Director of NGO Bliri, Mrs. Mahie Smajli, said she was very satisfied with the project implementation, describing it as an incentive to continue her advocacy and work for women’s health, taking into account hard economic and financial conditions for women.
     This project benefited 400 women, regardless of their age, and students of 6 primary schools. Due to high demand, NGO Bliri went at the 6-th school voluntarily, since the project targeted only 5 schools in the Municipality of Drenas. Women beneficiaries become aware regarding the breast cancer, how to perform breast self-examination in order to identify the disease on time. Whereas in primary schools 10 meetings were held with students of 8th and 9th grades, in order to raise the awareness about the dependency on drugs, alcohol, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. During the lectures in these schools, the trainer had noticed that these topics were considered taboo and have never been discussed, nor even in relevant courses where teachers had skipped these subjects.
     Ms. Kada Shala, a beneficiary of the project, expressed her gratitude for the opportunities of this training, of which she had benefited more knowledge about breast cancer and the importance of talking freely with her teenage children about various topics they considered as taboo. She, among others, said: “I feel like, through this project, I have become more mature, we have become aware of problems that concern us”. In addition, NGO Bliri has compiled a list of 80 women who, once the mammogram is fixed, will carry out screenings.
     This project has been supported by the Kosovo Women’s Fund and financed by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).