In Split, participants discuss initiatives towards young women’s empowerment.

Young Women from Kosova, Serbia Strategize

Young women from Kosova and Serbia met in Split, Croatia on 7-11 June. Young women from Croatia, Armenia and Azerbaijan joined them. They discussed the rights of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) persons, as well as exchanged information and experiences. They also attended the Parade for the Rights of LGBT persons.

Since 2011, Kvinna till Kvinna (KtK) has supported the empowerment of young women from Kosova and Serbia through study visits. This was the fourth such visit. Prior visits have been held in Israel/Palestine, Kosova and Serbia.
Study visits have fostered strong friendships among participants. “We now have someone in Kosova, and Kosova girls have someone in Serbia who they can contact and cooperate with, despite the problems between our two countries,” a participant from Serbia said.
Young women from the region already have initiated cooperation on joint initiatives (click here for more information). Among these, KWN launched the Young Women’s Empowerment Initiative this year with support from KtK. If you’re a young woman living in Kosova, please join our group.