Young women discuss strategies for advocating for psychologists in schools.

Young Women in Gjilan Seek Psychologists in Schools

After the successful meeting with ambitious young women in Prizren, KWN met young women in Gjilan. They knew exactly what they wanted: psychologists in schools.

“It is very important to have a psychologist at school with whom we can speak freely about the teenage problems we face,” a young woman said.
“We do not have the courage to share with our parents some of things that we can discuss with psychologists, since our parents are not patient to listen to us,” a young woman from Ferizaj agreed.
Together, young women plan advocate for psychologists in schools via debates with teachers, community members, responsible institutions and media. They also want to organize campaigns for raising awareness among parents on how to speak freely with their teenagers.
The Young Women’s Empowerment Initiative “began just at the right time,” a young woman said. “Cooperating with each other makes us feel stronger in pushing forward this issue, as well as other issues that will make Kosovo society understand the importance of gender equality.”