Protest in Drenas against Sexual Violence in Schools

On Feb. 6 in Drenas, starting at 12:00 hrs, a protest took place under the slogan “Pro Learning, No to Raping”, organized by the civil society of Drenas. Under the chanting “Pro Learning, No to Raping”, “Abortion is a choice, not an obligation”, “You are not an investigator but a rapist”, “School is ours, not of pedophiles”, the protesters marched from Gymnasium Gjergj Kastrioti Skëndërbeu toward the Police Station of Drenas.

The protest was also joined by teachers and students from Drenas school, and activists and citizens from different cities of Kosovo.

During the protest, organizers raised the following points:

  • Termination of the license of the gynecologist and closure of the clinic where the illegal abortion took place;
  • Dismissal of the teacher from the school;
  • More rigorous supervision by the director of the school;
  • Public commitment by the Commander of the Police in Drenas that: Upon his own initiative, to request from the Police Inspectorate to carry out a complete investigation of the Police Station in Drenas about similar cases; depending on the findings, to undertake measures; to organize trainings to increase the awareness of staff in relation to gender equality, dealing with such cases and ethics at work; to work closely with the civil society and youth organizations in handling social concerns; and to make sure that Article 37, item 9 of LAW No. 04/L-076 ON POLICE is rigorously implemented. After the protest, activists conducted a symbolic action, showing an banner in the form of a gratitude letter, on which was written: Vesel Veseli, rapist.

In relation to this case, a protest was held also yesterday, on February 7, in front of the Kosovo Police in Prishtina.

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