A More Gender Sensitive National Programme for Implementation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement

 The Ministry of European Integration (MEI), with the support from the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), on the 5th of February organized a public consultation on the Draft National Programme for Implementation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (NPISAA) 2018 – 2022. This came after the draft of this Accession document was circulated among civil society to provide comments directly on the draft. The event was moreover organized to launch the Guideline for Consultations with CSOs and other Stakeholders within the EU-Kosovo Stabilization and Association Bodies. 
            With the support from Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation, Kosovo Women’s Network has been providing comments for the NPISAA since 2016, including this last round for the 2018-2022 one. During the meeting, officials form the MEI made public that plans for the future include the establishment of a Gender Equality Index by the Agency for Gender Equality (AGE), the collection of gender disaggregated data by each institution and continuing the implementation of affirmative measures in the form of administrative instructions for joint registration of property by partners. Thanks to the successful work of AGE, these important steps towards more gender sensitive policy making have now been taken. Moreover, KWN has been pushing for these reforms in various ways, including in written form directly on Kosovo’s Accession documents. Moreover, an official from GIZ congratulated KWN’s input on the economic sections of the NIPSAA, saying that these have been very useful and needed. 
            Next steps to be taken by KWN is signing up to the coming consultation rounds to be organized by the MEI on different sectors within the NIPSAA.