AEFC Holds Training on Istanbul Convention

Representatives of women’s organizations from Gjakova, Junik and Rahovec were part of the roundtable on “Istanbul Convention and National Strategy Against Domestic Violence” held on 24 Jan. in Gjakova organized by Association for Education and Family Care (AEFC).  

On this occasion, the organizations added their recommendations for the National Strategy against Domestic Violence.   

BahrijeVehapi, Project Coordinator, first outlined the importance of this initiative, which aims to develop and build the capacity of women’s organizations in the three aforementioned municipalities.   

“Many women’s organizations from this area are unaware of the importance of this Convention in raising the responsibility of institutions to address domestic violence with elements of gender-based violence, including sexual violence, which failed to be integrated with the previous national strategy,” Vehapi said at the beginning of the training.   

Arbnore Shehu, lawyer, mentioned that the main purpose of the Istanbul Convention is to prevent violence. She then added that there are specific requirements to protect victims from further violence and to provide support and assistance to overcome impacts and rebuild their lives. 

“The need to raise awareness and knowledge regarding the Istanbul Convention, and the legal and practical interpretation of this Convention in the direct work of the NGOs with victims of gender-based violence was seen during the previous trainings for this Convention conducted by Medica Kosova,” Shehu said. 

EmirjetaKumnovaa psychologist, emphasized the importance of campaigns or programs that aim to raise awareness, including cooperation with national human rights institutions and equality bodies, civil society and non-governmental organizations, especially women’s organizations.  

This initiative is supported by the Kosovo Women’s Fund (KWF) and funded by ADA Austrian Development Cooperation in Kosovo.  

In addition to the AEFC organization, there are 17 other member organizations benefiting from the 13th round of KWF. You can read the full list HERE.