Annual Strategic Planning Workshop of the Advisory and Coordination Group for LGBT Community Rights

 On 15 and 16 Jan. The Office for Good Governance within the Planning of the Annual Strategy for the LGBT community rights, organized a workshop with members of the Advisory and Coordination Group on National Level in the Republic of Kosova for LGBT community rights.
   The group consisted of representatives from all ministries as well as members of civil society, including KWN.
  KWN has been advocating for the creation of such group for a very long time, and has been a member of the group since its establishment. In this time, KWN has continuously contributed towards improving the situation of the LGBT community.
  Part of this contribution is the input that KWN given during the drafting of two very important laws: the Anti-Discrimination Law and the Law on Gender Equality. 
  The two day workshop aimed at informing members of the group regarding the activities that will be carried out during this year, with the purpose of increasing awareness, preventing and fighting discrimination of members from the LGBT community in Kosova.
   The activities that KWN intends to perform during this year aim at raising awareness on LGBT rights among citizens, and to empower the LGBT community. Within these activities, during bimonthly meetings with its members KWN will screen films that address LGBT community issues while afterwards debates will be initiated with KWN members on the topic. In this way, KWN will contribute in raising awareness among its member organizations on the rights of the LGBT community.
 Other activities that KWN will initiate during this year include raising the awareness of young activists that are part of FemACT.
  Besides the above mentioned activities, KWN will participate in all other activities that will be undertaken by other members of the Advisory and Coordination Group on the National Level for LGBT rights in the Republic of Kosova.