Artpolis unites young feminists from Kosovo and Serbia

From 29 November to 2 December in Belgrade, Serbia, took place the feminist school organized by the Art and Culture Center Artpolis from Kosovo and the Alternative Girls Center (Alternativni Centar za  Devojke) from Serbia.

This four-day meeting was attended by 10 girls from Kosovo, including Mirjeta Dibrani, the representative of the Kosovo Women’s Network Representative (KWN) and 10 girls from Serbia. The topics of the workshops that were dealt with during these days were: the faith, which was held by Vesna Bujosevic; along with the solidarity that was treated by one of the most prominent feminists in Serbia, Lepa Mladjenovic, who spoke also about the history of the feminist movement in the former Yugoslavia and the twining between activists from Kosovo and Serbia. Another topic that was dealt with was the transitional justice and its mechanisms, which was held by the historian Mariana Toma.

“While our statesmen build walls again, we women go to each other, help each other and exchange experiences among ourselves”, Sandra Farkas of the Alternative Center said at the opening of this meeting.

Another speaker who spoke to young feminists about the feminist ethics of disobedience was also Stasa Zajovic, one of the founders of the Women in Black organization in Serbia. Among other things, she mentioned the numerous protests that the Women in Black have organized against the war, in the early 1990s when they gathered for an hour at a square in Serbia each Wednesday, by holding posters reading Albanian women are our sisters.

After four days, a young activist from Kosovo said he was pleased to be part of this school because “Irrespective of ethnicity, women have the same challenges and pains”.