KWF Supports 7 Members’ Initiatives

KWN awarded seven Kosova Women’s Fund (KWF) grants to member organizations in July. In this round, 29 organizations applied, and KWF’s Grant Review Committee (GRC), elected by KWN members, selected the following:

1) Venera will help women in Peja prepare legal documents and offer advice for completing procedures to open their own businesses;

2) Bliri will raise awareness about reproductive health among girls in Drenas;

3) The Committee of Blind Women of Kosovawill work on integrating blind children into public schools in Prishtina;

4) Rikotta will launch its “Women’s Piazza” on Nena Tereze in Prishtina, selling women’s products and organizing street events to raise awareness about women’s rights;

5) Foleja will educate Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian women and girls in Prizren, Landovic, Piran, South Serbica and Mamushe about their health and rights;

6) Rona will economically empower women, supporting their participation in tourism by producing handcrafts and promoting cultural heritage in Gora and Opoja; and

7) The Centre for Promotion of Women’s Rights will identify cases of sexual violence committed during the war in 17 villages of Drenas Municipality.

Kvinna till Kvinna provided financial support, making these grants possible. The next grant round will open 15 August and close 15 September 2013. KWF Coordinator Mimoza Paçuku remains available to provide mentoring to KWN members regarding their proposals.