KWN alarmed by another attack on Roma Woman in Ferizaj

On May 31 Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) through a Press Release expressed its concern about another attack on Roma woman in Ferizaj, and the lack on her protection, a responsibility of institutions in charge of order and security.

KWN called upon the responsible institutions to find a safe place for this woman where she can stay these days till the situation calms down, as well as until the perpetrators of this violence get held responsible for the attack by the competent authorities. We profoundly believe that if there was a proper reaction a day before, when she was first attacked in Lipjan, and if her attackers would have faced with the justice, then it would have conveyed the message that our country does not tolerate violence, even less the violence based on the ethnic background of any citizen.

Furthermore, KWN demanded from the State Prosecution to urgently act in investigating and prosecuting this case in accordance to the Article 141 of the New Penal Code of Kosovo, for both attacks on the Roma woman. In accordance with this article anyone who incites hatred and publicly uses hate speech, disunity, and intolerance must be held responsible by the law. As a society we must come up with a clear message that such kinds of violence and hatred speech should not be tolerated in any way possible.

Read HERE the full Press Release.