KWN and Shelters React to KJC and KPC Comments on NGOs’ Work

Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) and all Kosovo Shelters react to the Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC) and the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPK) comments on the work of the non-governmental organization.

Since their establishment, non-governmental organizations and shelters have always been there for all victims of gender-based violence, even in cases where the police, prosecutors, and judges have broken the law and failed to help victims of gender-based violence.

The language used by the KJC and the KPC that the victims were left “at the mercy of NGOs” diminishes the importance and demeans the work that NGOs have done so far, be it counseling, representation, monitoring, and sheltering of victims of gender-based violence.

The victims of gender-based violence do not feel safe and do not find support and help in Kosovo’s institutions because. These institutions have proven so far how they fail to protect the victims. The latest case shows us once again the failure of institutions in protecting and bringing justice to women.

Therefore, victims of gender-based violence will always have the support of non-governmental organizations.

Shelters also have a long experience of institutional negligence, especially regarding the judges, prosecutors, and the police. Because of this their work and safety have been jeopardized every day!

Therefore, KWN calls for inter-institutional coordination and cooperation, in ensuring the fair treatment of victims of gender-based violence. KWN will continue its work in legal counseling, representation, and monitoring of all cases of gender-based violence in the courts.