KWN: Attacks Against Vjosa Osmani Must Stop

Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) expresses concern over ongoing attacks and defamatory statements against Kosovo’s first woman parliamentary speaker, Vjosa Osmani.  

By repeating the demand for the attacks against women in politics and decision-making to stop, we hereby call for Osmani’s integrity and contribution in public sphere not to be violated.  

Osmani has been engaged in politics for a long time and should therefore, be judged on her work and performance, not on patriarchal mentality or family-centred discourse. 

KWN considers that political objections, as well as institutional disputes, should be expressed without threats against the families of the parties involved.   

Defamation and insults are punishable by law in the Republic of Kosovo. In order to build a democratic society that promotes freedom of expression, but averts defamatory and insulting language, KWN demands that the defamation against Osmani to be treated in accordance with applicable law.   

Any attempt to diminish women’s contribution to politics and public sphere is only a step backward in achieving our common goal and aspiration of a free, democratic and equal society.