KWN co-organizes “Stand up for Human Rights” March

The Ombudsperson together with several non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including the Kosovo Women’s Network, have undertaken a joint initiative to mark the International Day of Human Rights.

Even the steady rain could not put a damper on protest as concerned citizens marched from Square “Skënderbeu” to Square “Zahir Pajaziti”

Jeta Xhara, one of Civil Society representatives demanded more institutional engagement and concrete measures to fight air pollution.

“We are protesting here today because while we are free from our enemies, it does not mean that our lives are not being cut short on a daily basis. Currently, Kosovo citizen’s live expectancy is 10 years less than other European citizens. This is a slow death that we are causing ourselves.” Xharra said, as she acknowledged the contribution of activists to this event.

Ombudsman Hilmi Jashari, said “Together with the civil society they are protesting for the right to a safe and healthy environment”.

“The issue is healthy air, Kosovar citizens continue to name air pollution as the biggest problem in the country.  Other problems mentioned were the lack of drinking water, river degradation and very limited plant life.“, Jashari said.

Blert Morina, Executive Director of the Centre for Equality and Liberty (CEL) mentioned numerous reasons to support this march.

“Seeing the air pollution at alarming rates in recent years; the fact that no concrete action has been taken by the institutions to improve this situation, only actions that exacerbate this are present, we have found it important to dedicate this year’s march for the right to a cleaner environment”, said Morina.

The march promotes the protection of human rights with a particular emphasis on protecting the right to a safe and healthy environment.  They are also working for a better integrated, inclusive and inter-institutional community.

International Human Rights Day is marked every year on December 10, in memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted on December 10, 1948 by the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN).

Watch HERE the live broadcast of this event.

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