KWN condemns the imposition of house arrest measure against suspect Q.A., considering it insufficient 

On August 16 Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) through a press release expresses its deep indignation about the scandalous measure imposed by the Basic Court in Peja - Department for Serious Crimes against the suspect for the criminal offense of trafficking in human beings, committed in 2012 in the Municipality of Istog. The reported case in question is related to the suspicion of trafficking in human beings, enslavement and rape.

KWN insists that the measure that should have been immediately imposed was detention on remand, taking into account that defendant Q.A. refused several times to attend the court hearings reasoning that he was abroad. He was brought to the court proceedings by issuing a local wanted notice by Kosovo authorities.

Furthermore, KWN expresses its concern that such a culture of undignified treatment of alleged cases of trafficking in human beings is a further encouragement for the perpetrators of these criminal acts. This is because they are not getting the punishment they deserve in accordance with the foreseen legal measures. Therefore, we plead that the Court of Appeals imposes the measure of detention on remand until the final court review and resolution of the case.

Read HERE the full Press Release.