KWN Contributes to EPLO Report on UNSCR 1325

KWN has contributed to a broader research initiative monitoring the implementation of United Nation Security Council Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security, published by the European Peace building Liaison Office (EPLO) in 2013.
Following its prior monitoring exercises, such as 1325 Facts and Fables, KWN’s most recent case study suggested that Kosovo has made “significant progress” towards implementing this Resolution since 2010.
“While Kosovo has yet to adopt a National Action Plan (NAP) on UNSCR 1325, the process of drafting a NAP has involved an inter-sector               Working Group with representatives of key institutions and civil society,” KWN’s case study concluded. “The NAP’s future implementation will depend on whether the Working Group is able to define more clearly institutional responsibilities for activities, budget allocation and monitoring.”