KWN Encourages Kosovo Police to Investigate Establishments Used for Forced Prostitution

The Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) has been following the latest news on the large number of massage parlors that are under suspicion for human trafficking  and forced prostitution. Both of these crimes affect and harm women and girls the most.

KWN encourages the Kosovo Police to continue with their operational plan “Massage 21”, based on the Statement released July 2 This plan has a direct impact on improving the well-being of women and girls in Kosovo, as well as combating injustice and gender discrimination.

Given the low participation of women and girls in the labor market, and the dire economic situation this creates, women and girls are more likely to fall prey to such traffickers and scams. Violence against women remains the most pronounced form of overall violence affecting women, and yet, remains one of  the least punished crimes in the country.

KWN supports this action of the Kosovo Police, and we express our readiness to assist in any form, given our decades of work and expertise in improving living conditions for women and girls in Kosovo.

Below you can find two recent KWN research on violence against women and discrimination against women in the labor market:

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