KWN Encourages Young Women to Participate in Peace and Security Processes 

As part of the initiative “Empowering Youth for a Peaceful, Prosperous, and Sustainable Future in Kosovo”, KWN held and online meetings with young women from the Municipality of Gjakova and Deçan on June 25 and June 26. 

These meetings aim to encourage more young women to be involved in peace, dialogue and security processes, as well as encourage them to be part of decision-making positions and processes that society has historically entrusted to men.  

Igballe Rogova, the Executive Director of KWN, shared her experiences with these young women and introduced them to the work of women activists over the years. She also shared the work of KWN as a network of 151 member organizations, and their involvement of women and girls in these processes.  Further, Rogova shared with them the successes and challenges faced by women while advocating continually for the implementation of legal, national and international mechanisms, guaranteeing the right of women and young women to equally be part of decision-making positions.  

During the meeting held with young women from Deçan, Rogova, encouraged them to engage in the country’s processes through the Lobby for Gender Equality (Lobby) or through the KWN member organization in this municipality. In addition to this, they also discussed the problems these young women face.  

The young women highly appreciated the opportunity to exchange experiences through these meetings and KWN’s support.  

This initiative is a necessity for addressing the role and needs of young women in post-conflict areas. KWN strongly believes that gender stereotypes should never hinder young women from participating in policy-making regarding peace and security. 

In the beginning of 2020, KWN has held discussions in the framework of this research with young women from different parts of Kosovo, whereas similar meetings will be held with young women from the municipality of Prizren, Skenderaj, South Mitrovica, North Mitrovica Gracanica and Prishtina.