KWN presented its work towards Women’s Economic Empowerment at World Bank’s workshop

In the continuation of the World Bank’s initiative to improve the employment climate in Kosovo, this international institution organized a one-day workshop under the umbrella of the current supports it is providing to Kosovo’s Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and the Public Employment Agency with regard to the design and implementation of their employment policies.
The workshop aimed at discussing international and local good practice to enhance women’s participation in active labor market programs. With this regard, Iliriana Banjska from Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) was invited as a key stakeholder with significant experience on women-sensitive economic empowerment programming to hold a presentation on KWN’s experience in this field and to together with the other representatives develop concrete recommendations for the World Bank to inform its future endeavours in this regard.
The World Bank has used two of KWN’s research reports (‘Striking a Balance’ and ‘Who Cares?’) to inform its inception research for this project and praised the work that KWN has done thus far in the field women’s economic empowerment.