KWN Welcomes the Adoption of the National Plan on Gender Equality 2020 – 2024

Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) welcomes the adoption of the National Plan on Gender Equality 2020-2024. They hope it will serve as an additional incentive for the Kosovo institutions to ensure that gender equality becomes a staple part of their policies and practices.  

KWN has been one of the key stakeholders in the drafting process of the National Plan and works to ensure that it is based on the grounded analysis and recommendations from experts in the field.   

The goal is for gender equality, as a human right, to be placed throughout the National Plan, and be at the forefront of the transformative processes of all structures, institutions, policies, procedures, practices and governmental programs, agencies, civil society, private sector and the donor community.  

The three strategic pillars of this Plan are: Economic Empowerment and Social Welfare, Human Development, Roles and Gender Relations and Women’s rights, and Access to Justice and Security.  

KWN will continue to partner with the Agency for Gender Equality (AGE) during the implementation of the National Plan to promote and strengthen gender equality in Kosovo.