KWN’s Part of the Civil Society Platform for Dialogue


Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) is part of the civil society organizations that decided to create a common platform for cooperation and coordination of NGOs in Kosovo, which have developed and are developing expertise in the field of Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

This platform has been created with the key aim of promoting transparency, accountability and inclusiveness. Civil society representatives aim to play a more proactive and organized role, becoming a more influential factor in the dialogue and normalization process.

Aiming at impartiality in the process, the members of this Platform will contribute through joint actions, on the basis of their expertise, but by not becoming part of political teams within the dialogue. The signatory members will promote a structured and constructive public dialogue regarding the dialogue process and related topics. Within the operation of the Platform, they aim to bring the citizens closer and acquainted with the dialogue process, advocating for greater participation of citizens and other stakeholders in this process with domestic and international actors.

In addition to KWN, founding organizations of the Platform are as follows:

  • Democracy for Development (D4D)
  • Balkans Policy Research Group (BPRG)
  • Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS)
  • Humanitarian Law Centre (HLC)
  • New Social Initiative (NSI)
  • Kosova Democratic Institute (KDI)
  • Prishtina Institute for Political Studies (PIPS)
  • Kosovar Institute for Research and Policy Development (KIPRED)
  • Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR)
  • NGO ‘Aktiv’
  • NGO Opportunity (MDA)
  • Donika Emini.

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