March: A Month of Protest, Resistance, Empowerment, and Solidarity

In March, as with every year, the Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) participated in various events in Kosovo and Albania. This included joining the traditional march in Prishtina known as “We march, we don’t celebrate,” the protest in Tirana called “Nata është e jona” (The Night Is Ours) and the Femfest 2024 festival in Tirana, among others. 

The slogan “Our bodies, our rights! For each other!” brought together numerous activists during this year’s We March We Don’t Celebrate event in Prishtina. United, activists and citizens advocated for autonomy over the bodies and rights of girls and women, rejecting any system attempting to exert control over them. Despite facing government oppression, the collective Marshojmë S’festojmë in Pristina expressed their determination, unity, and organization in defending the fundamental right to protest on March 8, 2024.  
In Tirana, activists gathered under the banner “The night is ours”, focusing on critical issues of physical and digital security in domestic, workplace, and public settings. Amidst the femicide that has tragically claimed numerous lives, they emphasized the urgent need for action. 

According to the “Feminist Collective,” 41% of Albanian women who engage online have encountered some form of technology-based violence. 

The urgent call for imposing severe penalties for crimes targeting women online, including the criminalization of sexual blackmail and cyberstalking, was emphasized. “We stand united in our quest for change and justice” said the Feminist Collective in Tirana. 

Femfest 3, an empowering feminist arts and culture festival, once more enthralled audiences, elevating voices through art, dialogue, and discourse. 

This platform not only celebrated the accomplishments of women but also advocates for the complete fulfillment of women’s rights. Through performances, panel discussions, and scholarships, Femfest remains a source of inspiration and empowerment. 

FemFEST, a feminist art and culture festival was initiated by BASH ART and debuted in Tirana, Albania in 2022. 

Planned to be an annual event, coinciding with International Women’s Day, the festival seeks to reinvigorate the original intent of March 8th: recognizing the cultural, political, and socio-economic accomplishment of women while advocating for the complete realization of women’s rights.