KWN, NGO “Integra”, and the Ministry of Justice in Collaboration with the Hadi Shehu City Theater Support the Theatrical Performance ‘STIFFLER’

On March 29, the theater “Hadi Shehu” in the city of Gjakova presented the play “Stiffler”. Written by Doruntina Basha and directed by Kushtrim Koliqi, and featuirng actors Rebeka Qena, Armend Smajli, and Adrian Morina, this play sheds light on the challenges encountered by victims of sexual violence and human trafficking when they seek assistance from local institutions, highlighting the stigma and prejudices they face.

The play was created as part of the “Sot dhe Çdo ditë tjetër” (Today and Every Day) campaign initiated by the Ministry of Justice, aimed at fostering societal efforts to combat gender-based violence. Supported financially by the Kosovo Women’s Network, the play contributed to diminishing prejudices against victims of sexual violence and trafficking. “Stiffler” is a production of the NGO Integra.