KWN members, staff pose at the end of the photography training held at Gërmia National Park on May 28.

Members Shoot Photos in Germia

In response to members’ requests, KWN hosted a training on photography on May 28. Held in Gërmia National Park, the training was both relaxing and informative.
They learned elements to consider in taking good photographs, such as light, reflection, action, composition and ethics (e.g., when one should request permission to take pictures).
“This training was really needed,” said Sylbije Sahiti from NGO Parajsa Jonë (Our Paradise). “It helped us learn to take good pictures and now we can better portray our NGO’s activities and events.”
NGO representatives immediately put their new knowledge to use, taking photos indoors and outdoors at Germia National Park.
“We learnt a lot today, but we also had fun,” said Ganimete Tolaj from NGO Mentor Tolaj NDERI. “The training topic and the venue where the training was held are more entertaining.”
Show Your Skills: Enter the KWN Photo Competition, Win €50
KWN members: take any good photographs of your NGO’s activities lately? Send them to  by 31 August for the chance to win a €50 prize. The winning photo and caption will appear in KWN’s September newsletter. Only KWN members are eligible to apply.