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KWN Holds Second Membership Meeting for 2020
20 Organizations from Six Western Balkan Countries Hold their Strategic Planning Meeting
KWN Calls for a Reduction of the Deputy Ministers Number and the Implementation of The Law on Gender Equality
KWN and UN Women Continue their Support for Shelters
OPDMK Marks the Muscular Dystrophy Week
MOU Signed for Employment of Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Violence During the War
KWN Condemns the Behaviours Toward the Speaker of the Assembly Osmani
EULOC Presents the Research on Gender Budgeting
30 Years Since the Founding of the Association ‘Motrat Qiriazi’
KWN Demands Justice for the Murder of a Woman by her Husband in Kamenica
Economic Empowerment of Women and Girls in the Drenica Region
KWN as a learning and inspiring experience

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