Ombudsperson and NGOs marched for human rights

The Ombudsperson along with several Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) has undertaken a joint initiative to mark the International Day of Human Rights. In this respect, on 10th of December, they gathered in front of the National Theater to march with the motto “Raise for Human Rights”.
        "All of us, as organizations are gathering under the umbrella of the Ombudsperson to jointly raise our voice on human rights. Our human rights and freedoms are not applied as it is stated in the Declaration; however we will not stop, and this is the specific of today when we have come together to raise the voice for the rights of all groups in Kosovo, the women rights, the rights of LGBT communities and all fundamental human rights in Kosovo" Igballe Rogova, Executive Director of Kosovo Women’s Network said in her speech.
Furthermore, Hilmi Jashari – the Ombudsperson said that "It is a special day in Kosovo because all non-governmental organizations are participating. […] the declaration has been signed by 40 organizations so far and they have agreed to approach the public institutions." He also read the Joint Declaration.
        The Ombudsperson Institution together with representatives of NGOs has signed a Joint Declaration, pledging to continuously defend the human rights. Through this Declaration, the organizers aimed to strongly convey their demand for comprehensive and inter-institutional commitment to promote and educate for human rights and fundamental freedoms and to undertake joint actions in order to develop an effective cooperation for respecting the human rights and fundamental freedoms in Kosovo.

Photographer: Atdhe Mulla