Peja and Prizren Welcomed the Exhibition “Break the silence: Ending violence behind walls”

“Break the silence: Ending violence behind walls”, is a traveling exhibition that presents a symbolic labyrinth that shares stories gathered by Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) regarding women and men who have experienced domestic violence. The exhibition in Peja and Prizren was organized in collaboration with Centers for the Protection of Women and Children.

The exhibition, which aims to raise awareness about various forms of domestic violence, was visited by citizens of Peja and Prizren during the month of October.  Visitors were given information about where they can receive support and how to report cases of domestic violence

Since June the exhibition has also been  shown in Prishtina, Gjilan, Gjakova, Mitrovica, and Ferizaj. In upcoming months the exhibition will be open in  Viti, Drenas and Malisheva.

282 citizens attended these two exhibitions, where they were exposed to some of the stories of the 68% of Kosovars who have experienced domestic violence.

Kosovo Women’s Network recently launched a phoneline offering legal assistance and counseling to victims of domestic violence, including those who feel they haven’t received proper treatment.

‘’The time of violence is in the past’’, “There is no violence in our families”, “Remember that men also experience violence”, were some of the comments of citizens who visited the exhibition.

The exhibition is supported by the European Union (EU) through UN Women (#EVAW) and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA)

Find the Exhibition Brochure HERE.

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